Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Jihad Group Threatens "Bloody War" on Europe

From Associated Press, via Jihad Watch:

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - A statement in the name of a group that claimed responsibility for the London bombings threatened Tuesday to launch "a bloody war" on the capitals of European countries that do not remove their troops from Iraq within a month.

"This is the last message we send to the European countries. We are giving you one month for your soldiers to leave the Land of the Two Rivers. Then there will be no other messages, but actions, and the words will be engraved in the heart of Europe," Abu Hafs al Masri Brigades said in a statement.

The "two rivers" in the statement refer to Iraq's Euphrates and Tigris rivers....

It vowed to launch "a bloody war, God willing," against Denmark, Holland, Britain, Italy and other countries "whose soldiers are roving and having fun in Iraq."

It was one of at least two groups to have claimed responsibility for the July 7 bombings that killed 56 people on London's Underground and a double-decker bus.

"We promise you that these will be the last words," the statement said. "After that, our Mujahedeen will say something else in your capitals."

The group has no proven track record of attacks, and experts are skeptical of its statements. The organization has claimed responsibility for events in which it clearly did not play any role, such as the 2003 blackouts in the United States and London that resulted from technical problems.

We Are Not Afraid.