Saturday, July 16, 2005

Leading Iranian Religious Leader Says
Britain Is Behind London Bombings

From Jihad Watch, via Agence French Presse:

TEHRAN — A leading Iranian religious leader and politician charged in a nationally broadcast sermon yesterday that there was a British hand in last week’s deadly London bombings. Ahmad Jannati, who chairs the powerful Guardians Council, which vets all legislation and candidates for public office, said the British government benefited from the bombings and was the key suspect, whether directly or through its “child” Al-Qaeda.

“One hypothesis is that Al-Qaeda is behind these events, but Al-Qaeda is (US President George W.) Bush and (British Prime Minister Tony) Blair,” Jannati charged. “Who created Al-Qaeda? It’s you who ought to be put on trial. Al-Qaeda is your illegitimate child,” he said, addressing the two leaders.

“The other possibility is that the British government itself created this situation, just like on Sept. 11, 2001, when we discussed the responsibility of the Americans.

“To understand who is behind these events, you need to look at who profits from them. It’s the Americans who profited from Sept. 11 and today it’s the British who are profiting from these attacks. They say that it’s to fight terrorism that they have to go to Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere, and that’s how they justify their presence in those countries."...

Yes, that's right. And since we are profiting so much from ending the Hussein regime, I guess we'll have to end your Islamofascist Mullocracy next.