Sunday, July 24, 2005

Muslim Anti-Terror Rallies Fail To Get Coverage

From the Anchoress:

AN ANTI-TERROR RALLY BY MUSLIMS in Antelope Valley, California.

You know, if these people had blown something up, they’d be getting more press. Which suggests that if the press wants to help eliminate terrorism, it should adjust its priorities.
UPDATE: Here’s a report of
an antiterror protest in Iraq, too. The same point applies.

ANOTHER UPDATE: There’s more anti-terror protest action in Denmark.

Hey, you people in the press. What kind of world do you want to leave your children? Do you enjoy the idea that your kid can get on a subway train or go to a carnival and perhaps be blown to bits? When are you going to get with the program? You cover the terrorists, you give them credibility and glamour. How about YOU COVER THE ANTI-TERRORISTS for a change?

Once again, we get our news from the blogs and alternative media because the MSM WILL NOT DO THEIR JOBS.