Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New Zealand Member of Parliament
Says Stoning is "Correct"

Meet New Zealand's one Muslim Member of Parliament, Ashraf Choudhary. From the New Zealand Herald, via Dhimmi Watch:

... the Labour MP - who has struggled with his "role" as the sole parliamentary representative of the local Muslim community - is not advocating the practice here.

Mr Choudhary once again found himself between a rock and a hard place on questions of Islam when he appeared on TV3's 60 Minutes programme last night.

It was examining warnings about extreme fundamentalism within New Zealand's Islamic community.

Mr Choudhary was asked: "Are you saying the Koran is wrong to recommend that gays in certain circumstances be stoned to death?"

He replied: " No, no. Certainly what the Koran says is correct.

"In those societies, not here in New Zealand," he added.

If it's correct in those societies to stone a person to death for adultery, or for being gay, then why is it not correct in New Zealand? The reason is, simply, that New Zealand does not have the Muslim majority needed to establish the Islamic code of law, Sharia, as the rule of the land.

So, the issue is legal, not moral. Mr. Choudhary believes that morally speaking, it's always correct to stone people for these "crimes" against Allah.

Am I putting words in his mouth? Well, what else could he mean by what he said? Clearly, he is not a postmodernist "what's-right-for-you-might-not-necessarily-be-right-for-me" type of guy.

I wonder if Mr. Choudhary's constituents thought they had voted for a moderate until now.