Sunday, July 31, 2005

Nuclear Stalemate:
Iran and the EU Hit a Little Snag In Talks

The Astute Blogger quotes from a BBC article regarding Iran's ultimatum to the EU concerning it's nuclear program:

Iran says the three European states which are trying to resolve the dispute over Tehran's nuclear programme must submit their proposals by Monday. An Iranian government spokesman said a European request for the date to be put back had been rejected. But diplomats from the UK, France and Germany say they never promised to have the proposals ready by 1 August. Iran has repeatedly said that it will resume some of its nuclear activities regardless of EU proposals.

Earlier this week outgoing President Mohammad Khatami said he hoped EU diplomats would allow for a resumption of enrichment activities, but Iran would begin again in any case.

Europe has made it clear that a resumption of nuclear work will mean an end to the talks.

Sounds like the two sides are at a stalemate, huh? The Astute Blogger comments:

Iran is a growing menace. If they get the bomb they will be untouchable. The time is VERY near when SOMEONE with balls MUST take pre-emptive action and bomb ALL of Iran's nuclear facitlties - REGARDLESS of how many civilian casualties result because Iran DELIBERATELY put these facitlities in civilian locations - IN DIRECT VIOLATION OF THE GENEVA CONVENTIONS!