Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Palestinian boy learns important
lessons of "respect" at Hamas Summer Camp

From the San Francisco Chronicle, via Little Green Footballs:

Seventeen-year-old Osama Abu Asi knows what Hamas stands for: swimming lessons, horseback riding, potato sack races and other summertime fun -- including religious education and paramilitary training.

This is summer camp in the Gaza Strip, as organized by Harakat al-Moqawama al-Islamiyah, the Islamic Resistance Movement, better known as Hamas -- which is officially regarded by the United States and many other countries as a terrorist organization that has killed hundreds of Israelis.

"In this camp we learn the important things of life -- good behavior, respect," said Osama, who was spending the summer at a Hamas-run camp on the beach outside Gaza City.

They also learn how to sing "intifada songs," including one urging them to "kill Zionists wherever they are, in the name of God."

At one beach camp, attended by approximately 100 kids, an instructor wore a heavy flannel shirt under which a webbed belt could be seen strapped to his stomach. Asked by a reporter what it was, he answered, with a broad smile, “Boom!”

The instructor led a group of young teenagers through marching drills on the sand — facing movements, close quarter drill. With a smile at the reporter, he put a megaphone to his lips.

“What are you?” he called.

“Monsters!” the kids replied.

“What are you?!”


As the instructor, Sa’eb Dormush, stepped aside for an interview, a youth in the group shouted out “moqawama!” — resistance.

“That is the first word they learn when they are born,” Dormush said with a laugh. “This is the next generation.”

Across camp, a group of younger children — most between 10 and 12 — sat in a circle in the sand singing one of the “intifada songs” they learn at camp. One boy sang verses in a rolling soprano as the others joined in on the one-word chorus.

“We don’t want to sleep.


We want revenge.


Raise it up.


Rifle fire.


If it will take a thousand martyrs.


Kill Zionists.


Wherever they are.


In the name of God.


Looks like people at the Islamic Society of Britain website are trying to do the same thing. From the London Independent, via Jihad Watch:

Children as young as 11 are being targeted by radical Muslims who appear to have infiltrated a mainstream Muslim website, The Independent on Sunday can reveal. Literature aimed at children between 11 and 18 on the youth section of the Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) website calls on them to "boycott those who openly wage war against Allah".

The article containing that quote, entitled "Imam Hassan al-Banna on jihad", goes on to say:
"Jihad is a powerful invigorating yearning for Islam's might and glory ... which makes you cry when looking at the weakness of Muslims today and the humiliating tragedies crushing him to death everywhere. "

Jihad is to be a soldier for Allah. When the bugle calls ... you should be the first to answer the call to join the ranks for jihad."

Other articles on atheism and secularism appear to be against integration. One article is entitled "Zionism, a black historical record", and another, "Israel simply has no right to exist". The ISB immediately disowned this content after being informed of it by the IoS, and promised to remove it.

Hitler Youth, anyone?

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