Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Struggle - Jihad - Kampf

Melanie Phillips points out what should have been so obvious, but has eluded me the past four years:

It is surely no accident that the word 'struggle', which is

  • used in Marxist thinking to sanctify the attempts by the workers or the self-designated 'oppressed' to destroy western civilisation, was
  • also found in the defining creed of Nazism --'Mein Kampf'-- and is
  • the meaning of the word 'jihad'. Nazism and Communism required the submission of free peoples to their ideology -- and 'submission' is of course the meaning of the word 'Islam'.

The word struggle is not by itself evil. The word Israel also has the connotation of struggle with God. But, the idea the way it is taught is that Jews struggle with God and, in doing so, come to know him better. One struggles with the Torah, or with the words of Jesus the Messiah, in order to understand their application in our life.

Similarly the word Jihad can simply mean to struggle inwardly.

However, when it is used in the sense of struggling against the infidels and the Jews, then it is similar in connotation to the way the word is used by the other two totalitarian fascisms of the 20th century; Nazism and Marxism.