Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Terrorism As Corporate Enterprise
Arab Bank Helps Finance Terrorism

Here's an article from the New York Post which details how the Islamofascists fund terrorism. Funds are run through the Arab Bank, "the Middle East's most important and influential financial institution."

In other words, terrorism is a corporate enterprise participated in by powerful Arab businesses. Via Little Green Footballs:

Secret documents known as “martyrs’ kits” obtained by The Post provide a startling glimpse into the world of suicide bombers, who are recruited with promises that their families will be well taken care of financially.

These kits ensure that the families of Hamas, PLO and Palestinian Islamic Jihad killers get generous “charitable donations” from Saudi Arabia-based organizations and, while he was in power, Saddam Hussein.

The documents reviewed by The Post include a martyr kit for Maher Kamel Hbeishe, a Hamas fanatic who blew himself up on a Haifa bus Dec. 2, 2001, killing 15 Israelis and wounding 40.
Much of the kit’s paperwork carries the corporate logo of the Arab Bank — the Middle East’s most important and influential financial institution — and the numbers of the accounts through which his family was paid.

The cover on Hbeishe’s file — in the records of Saudi relief committees — proclaims: “the martyrs receive reward from their Lord, they and their light.”

Replete with florid Arabic tributes to dead terrorists, the paperwork explains the manner of death, making it clear that the bank knew exactly whom it was giving money to and why.

If the terrorist were successful, the family would receive $5,316; being wounded or captured would earn them a lesser amount.

Though small by Western standards, the payments are more than six times the West Bank’s average annual income of $850.

There is precedence for this kind of corporate investment in mass-murder. In the 1930's and 1940's corporations, such as IBM, worked with the Nazis to help bring about the Holocaust. Now, we find the same thing happening in the Arab World.

It's awfully hard to call Islamofascist Terror a problem caused by a tiny minority of extremists when major corporations are participating in the financing and organization of suicide bombing.