Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"Today I Leave For The War"

Gates of Vienna points to this post, called "Today I Leave For The War," from a blog called the Makaha Surf Report:

For anyone that reads this; yes I am a 30 year old idealist, at 20 I was a cynic, but now I have a mission in life and a purpose. I found God, but I am far from a religious fanatic. I found a God that inspired me to do good deeds just for the sake of doing good.
I can feel his prescence in everything around me, the sunset, the waves crashing on a Hawaiian beach and even in the evening breeze that is laced with plumeria.
I would call myself a soldier of God, but not in any way that says he favors me or my cause. I am a soldier of our Lord because I choose to serve the side of good. Good is opening a door for a stranger, or helping your neighbor empty his trashcan, or going to Iraq because you want to help a people find their voice, and feel what we feel when we think of our freedoms.
The most fundamental question I ask myself everday is: If I have the chance to do good, even if there is a terrible price to pay, why wouldn’t I?
I wish more Americans would ask themselves this question, if you can do good, what on earth would stop you from following through?

That's the voice of a man to whom God is absolutely real. I wish I had that man's faith.

I am humbled. I believe, oh Lord. Help me in my unbelief.

I pray that this man and the works of his hands will be blessed by God. I pray that God will protect him and bring him home safely. And I pray that his faith will be an inspiration to all of us.