Thursday, July 07, 2005

What a Load

Somebody's telling themselves pretty stories. From Agence French Presse:

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The United States, which suffered a massive terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, would make a tougher target now than Europe due to strict security measures and a better-integrated Muslim community, experts said.

"I think it is probably more accessible for them to make attacks in Europe, primarily because you have open borders and you can cross those borders without a great deal of scrutiny," said security consultant Vincent Cannistraro, a former CIA official.

"Certainly, Europe has been a priority target for Al-Qaeda for some time, since (Osama) bin Laden himself announced that Europe was being given a grace period and then it will become a target," he said.

He attributed the fact that the United States has not been attacked since 2001, while Europe has been attacked twice recently -- in Madrid and London -- to "very, very high" security awareness in the United States and said "it is a little more difficult for Al-Qaeda to do major operations here now."

Peter Singer, a security expert at the Brookings Institution think tank, said that security in Europe is just not at the same level as it is in the United States. "The security restrictions are tougher here," he said, but he noted: "I still think there are a lot of gaps here."

I see places they could hit us, which would scare the hell out of us, and seriously mess with our economy, every day of my life. I'm not going to say what those places are, because I don't want to encourage anybody, but c'mon.

The truth is, if anybody, other than Israel, is prepared for terrorism it is Britain. They've had a long history of being under terrorist seige with the IRA. This article is just an example of our government telling us, "Run along. There's nothing to see here. Run along now."

What a load.