Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Blast From CUANAS Past
A Restatement of Why America Is The City On A Hill

From CUANAS, July 31, 2004:

Stop Writing Your Suicide Note And Fight

Anti-Chomsky has a post today about a new book by Howard Zinn. I've read a bit of Zinn in my day, and, at the time, I was reading in a spirit of general agreement with his views. This post got me to thinking, I should pop on over to Amazon and read some reviews of Zinn's major work, A People's History Of The United States (1492 to the Present).

A review by one Paul Rodriguez contains this quote:... the account is fascinating.

From the beginning, you're wretching at the accounts told of Columbus' barbarism, and soon begin to see the propaganda the American school system has taught us as just that. With that said, I think it would be wise to view this in its context. It is not the be-all-end-all account of American history. It should be balanced with other perspectives. To come away believing America an evil empire I think would be to lose sight of the reality of our history: namely that despite the corruption and evil, the principles written down in our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights have lived up to their true promise and continually get closer to their ideal.

An informed electorate is essential to a functioning democracy, and the facts presented here go a long way towards helping Americans confront their dark past and learn from it, rather than trying to sugar-coat it to prop us up as an honorable Christian nation with a right to arrogance. The truth is nothing to fear.

Still, I recommend trying a conservative viewpoint after this, like Paul Johnson's "A History of the American People". That way you'll come away with both sides of the story, rather than an overly slanted perspective.

As in all things, don't ever fear a dissenting opinion. Fundamentalism from the right _and_ left is dangerous. Keep an open mind and weigh both side's arguments for yourself before you join a bandwagon.

To me, that is what is lacking in all the criticism of America and Israel. I write this blog as a counterbalance to what I see as one-sided criticism. This blog is a pushing back. It's not that I am unable to see other perspectives, rather I believe the other perspectives are far too dominant in the media.

Previous to 9/11, I was the kind of person who would scoff at the notion that there was much positive to say about America. I would go to bookstores and read Chomsky and Howard Zinn and I would argue for their points with friends.

The Tuskeegee Incident (where military Drs. injected black men with syphillis to "research" it's effects) were magnified in my mind. I believed that if we knew of one Tuskeegee there were 1000 of which we didn't know.

To this day, I believe that the issue of race is one of America's biggest failings. A friend of mine, who is black, told me a story of how when he was in college (this would be about 15 years ago) another friend of his (who also was black) was caught by the police having sex with his white girlfriend in a car on the campus of their University. (This University was located in California, within 25 miles of Los Angeles.) The police arrested took the man and his girlfriend into custody.

Rather than have to admit to her parents that she was screwing a black man on a regular basis, the girl decided to cry rape.

The man was convicted and went to jail.

Imagine that.

Incidents like those have made me very angry with America.


On 9/11 I sat watching TV, or listening to the radio, most of the day, thinking to myself, these people want to destroy America. They want to take America away from us.

My wife is an immigrant (from a third world country) and her comment was, "They want to take America away from the world." Her perspective is that America is a place of hope for all those in third world countries. To her and her whole family, America is the shining city on the hill of which Reagan spoke. Without America and Europe, she says, people from countries such as her native land would not have hope.

To my wife, it is not just the prospect of being able to leave, for some in her family have returned. It is the also the example of education, achievement and possibilty that we model.

Now, of course, for the most part, we take these things for granted.

On 9/11, when the towers fell, I ceased taking America for granted.

I remember watching the towers burning on TV with my 2 year old daughter at my side demanding to watch a Disney video, and I started to cry, thinking to myself, "I brought her into this world. What have I done?" And immediately, something stopped me saying, "You didn't bring her into this world to watch Disney videos. You didn't bring her into this world to be a child. You brought her into this world to grow into an adult and, hopefully, to become a good and great human being."

I stopped crying and realized that I, we all, needed to suck it up and do the best we can for America.

I considered signing up for the military, but being in my 40's, I am too old to start a military career. So, I thought, what can I do? I can write. And so I did. It took awhile to get started, but I have written and I have defended what I believe to be the best in Western civilization because I believe it would be a tragedy for the whole human race to lose these things.

So, the next question would then be, "Why anti-Semitism?"

The answer to that is that, while my realization of what I could do was almost instantaneous, because of the typical personal concerns (making a living, taking care of the kids) my motivation did not instantaneously push me to follow through. It did, however, push me to read. And read I did. I quickly became tired of the mainstream media and it's Terrorist apologetics. So, I learned to navigate the internet and pull information from sources around the world.

What I found shocked me even more than 9/11.

I found that we live, and have lived for several years now, in a world, where it is once more ok to say murderous things about the Jews. Not about Israel, but about the Jews. Cornelio Summaruge, the head of the International Red Cross, a European man, refused to have Israel participate in serving his organization saying, "If I were to have the Star Of David I might as well have the schwastika."

That is targeted at the Jews, not at Israeli behavior.

It's like saying to a black man, "If I were to have you over to my house, I might as well invite a nigger."

In Arab state-sponsored media, it is common for columnists and heads of state to call for the death of the Jews. Read here to see what I mean.

I came to believe that the Jews are the proverbial canary in the coalmine of Western Civilization. They are the first to be threatened and the first to start dying.

Look at the rhetoric of Bin Laden and theIslamists. Who do they hate first and foremost? It is not America. It is the Jews. We are second.

This is why I started CUANAS. Initially, it was to establish a voice in the Christian community that would say along with the Jews, "Never again."

But, ever more so, as time passes, along with saying "Never again," I am also saying "Not even once," for America.