Saturday, August 13, 2005

Chechen Islamic Clerics Declare
War on Islamofascism

This may be a major break in the War on Terror.

Yesterday, I was lamenting the fact that we call this a War on Terror, rather than a War on Islamofascism. I said that it was our inability to accurately define our enemy which was leading to crucial mistakes in the development of Iraqi Democracy.

Well, today comes news that Chechen Islamic Clerics have declared a Jihad against Wahabbism, which is the Islamic sect that provides the ideology of Islamofascism:

The Council of Muftis of the Chechen Republic on August 4 officially declared a jihad against "Wahhabism." Interfax quoted Chechen Mufti Sultan Mirzaev as telling journalists that the decision had been announced during a meeting between representatives of the clergy and law-enforcement agencies in the village of Tsentoroi, which is the home village of the Kadyrov clan. Mirzaev said it was the largest such meeting since the death of Akhmad Kadyrov in May 2004.

"Wahhabism is the plague of the 20th and the 21st centuries," he said. "All Arabic scholars have come to be unanimous that those fighting against Wahhabism are on the path of jihad, following the way of Allah."

"Wahhabis and terrorists, he said, "are bringing evil into the world and the entire world must oppose them. We adopted an official fatwa (a religious ruling in Islam – Interfax), so that those fighting terrorism and Wahhabism have no doubt that their cause is just. We have declared war on these phenomena.

Those killing innocent people must be either stopped or put behind bars or exterminated. This has to be done by whatever method. Our fatwa is that those who have shed blood, those who do not want to stop must be killed by any method."

Mirzaev said rebels had killed sixteen district imams in Chechnya and that he himself had been "seriously wounded" in a rebel attack. "Should I remain silent about this?" he said. "If it becomes necessary, I will take up arms and I am ready to fight against them."

Various Chechen officials and politicians voiced support for the anti-Wahhabi fatwa. State Duma Deputy Ruslan Yamadaev said that Chechens welcomed the initiative, Moskovsky komsomolets reported on August 8.

"The militants have blown up and shot policemen, imams, public servants, declaring that they are carrying out jihad, but now a clear and unequivocal answer has been given to the question of who really stands on the path of jihad," he said, adding that it was the police and other law-enforcement personnel who were carrying out jihad and "embarking on the righteous path."

Chechneya is not the Middle East, but the Jihadists wreak the same destructive path in Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia that they do in Chechneya. The people of the Middle East have got to be fed up, but they are like those who serve the witch in the Wizard of Oz; tireless in their support, but the minute she dies, it's "Ding-dong the witch is dead."

If the people of the Middle East are made aware of this Fatwa, the dam could start to crack, and the entire Middle East terrorocracy could come crashing down.

Bush needs to find a way to get this message out.