Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Creation of Eurabia From Within

From the New Zealand Herald, via Fjordman:

I came across an article the other day which, in the light of the London bombings and other acts of Muslim terrorism in Western Europe, gave me cause to reflect afresh on the growing population of Muslims here in New Zealand.

The article, headed "The Islamisation of Europe", was written by Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, who is director of the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity, the research arm of the Christian aid agency Barnabas Fund based in Pewsey, Wiltshire. According to Dr Sookhdeo, Europe is undergoing a rapid process of change as Muslims make their presence felt in politics, economics, law, education and the media.

Europe, he says, is being transformed into a society in which Islam takes its place not just as an equal with the many other faith communities but often as the dominant player. It is, says Dr Sookhdeo, not happening by chance but is the result of a careful and deliberate strategy by certain Muslim leaders which was planned in 1980 when the Islamic Council of Europe published a book called Muslim Communities in Non-Muslim States, which clearly explained the Islamic agenda in Europe.

The instructions given in the book told Muslims to get together and organise themselves into viable Muslim communities based on Islamic principles. This was the duty of every individual Muslim living in a non-Muslim country. They should set up mosques, community centres and Islamic schools.

At all costs they must avoid being assimilated by the majority, and to resist assimilation must group themselves geographically, forming areas of high Muslim concentration within the population as a whole. Yet they must also interact with non-Muslims so as to share the message of Islam with them.

The ultimate goal was for Muslims to become the majority and the entire nation be governed according to Islam.

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