Saturday, August 13, 2005

Disneyland - The Happiest Place On Earth

My Mom and Dad Went to Auschwitz
And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

I live near Disneyland, and occasionally spend time there with my family. I have had three Disneyland-related experiences recently, which I realized I should probably relate on CUANAS.

The first, I think, is merely humorous. Well actually, there is a tragic aspect as well, but ...

On a recent Friday night excursion to take in the sights at Downtown Disney (an outdoor mall-type area which leads to the Disneyland entrance and features entertainment, shops, and restaurants) I heard a Disney street performer do a beautiful version of the Theme From Schindler's List on solo violin, supported by prerecorded music.

Obviously, this was incongruous with the shallow, consumerist atmosphere. But, it kind of just goes to prove that, in a media-dominated society, we will amuse ourselves to death. Not only will the revolution be televised, but the Holocaust will be schmaltzified.

Here Come The Warm Jets

On several occasions over the past year, I have been at Disneyland enjoying the smiles on my kids faces, when all of the sudden the atmosphere is overcome by the rushing sound of military jets, apparently scrambled to scare off some intruder into Disney airspace.

This is a jarring reminder that we are at war. The good thing is Disney is kind enough to provide each guest with the opportunity to buy a photo of the look on his face at the exact moment the jet passed overhead.

That's a joke, by the way.

But, the fact is, military jets are scrambled above Disneyland on a semi-regular basis. You know the Jihadis have a point about us, when you consider that there are two places in the United States which require the protection of the United States Air Force; our capitol, Washington D.C., and Disneyland.

How could that not be an example of Infidel Idolatry?

Disneyland - A Burqa's Eye View

On another recent jaunt to Disneyland with the family my oldest daughter was shocked to see the sad specter of a woman clad from head to foot in black, with only her sad eyes pointing outward to the world. That's right, a woman enjoying Disneyland in a burqa.

I looked at her. Well, her eyes anyway. They were sad and paranoid. Then I looked at the face of her husband, triumphant in the little fiefdom of his family, yet also paranoid. The children were oblivious, because, of course, children can get used to anything - even the sight of their mother in chains.