Saturday, August 27, 2005

Freedom Is Light
Tyranny is Dark

From the Astute Blogger:

The contrast between tyranny and freedom is not abstract. It is not cultural. It is REAL. R-E-A-L. Want to see it. Look at these satellite photos. they compare North Korea at night to South Korea at night.

North Korea is dark. South Korea is lit up.



South Korea is free, so it is LIT UP. Same people - north and south. The south had poorer resources in 1952 - and was poorer in GDP, too. But now it is richer. One of the richest ecomnonies in the world. WHY!? Freedom. The south of Korea is FREE. Freedom creates prosperity.

The difference betweem Vietnam today and what South Vietnam MIGHT have been - if the Lefties in the Democrat Party hadn't pulled the plug - is just as stark. If the Left hadn't pulled the plug on the South Vietnamese government in 1975, then the South of Vietnam would be as rich and as free as the South Korea. We might be driving SOUTH VIETNAMESE cars instead of South Korean cars!

Why do I bring this up!? Well, because many on the Left question whether we can IMPOSE freedom on any people or culture. As if some people or some type of people are "READY" for freedom and others are not.

Well, we did "impose" freeedom on the South Koreans, and IT WORKED. Just as it worked on the Japanese and the Germans. And in all those cases it required that we keep 50,000 troops in the theater FOR DECADES to accomplish it, and THAT wasn't questioned (just like our continued troop presence in Bosnia is never questioned). It was accepted that it was worth it. We had troops in German and Japan for 50 years.

Yes, and it was worth it in, oh, so many ways. Germany and Japan have both become Democracy's, trading partners, producers of brilliant innovations, and bulwarks against onrushing tyranny. It was worth it beyond our wildest imagination.

Wasn't it?

Go ahead, admit it. It will be good for you to get it out in the open.

Oh, and by the way, the Astute Blogger is one of the best bloggers on the internet. Everyone should read him everyday.