Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Holocaust As Rave Party

I've often compared Europe's plummets into the dungeon of Jew-hatred to drunken binges and filth-ridden orgies, so why not the Holocaust as the ultimate Rave Party?:

PARIS - An Internet film clip that depicts the Auschwitz death camp as a rave party drew sharp criticism from a leading Jewish rights group Wednesday, which urged authorities to order the film to be removed from several European Web sites.

The 3-minute video depicts SS soldiers as DJs and flashes offensive messages over images of concentration camp victims. The video alternates black-and-white photos of Holocaust atrocities with color images of youths partying at an open-air rave.

Jaroslaw Mensfeld, a spokesman for the Auschwitz Museum, said he was "absolutely shocked." Some 1.5 million people, mostly Jews, were killed at the Nazi camp during World War II.

"I don't understand how a person can make such a movie," he said.

The film is currently posted on a Dutch Web site, two sites in Poland and has inspired concerts in Belgium, the Wiesenthal Center said.

The Dutch Complaints Bureau for Discrimination on the Internet, acting on a complaint it received six weeks ago, had the film pulled from three Web sites.

The complaints bureau determined the film was "illegal" and that it "trivialized and defamed" victims of the Holocaust, it said in a statement Wednesday.

One Dutch site still posting the film says it's doing nothing wrong and won't remove the clip, which it says was made by a Dutch student.

You gotta love it when your enemies tell you exactly who they are.