Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Imagine No America
It Is Frightening To Do

The American Thinker gives a very solemn warning:

As has been documented scores of times by The American Thinker, the homeland battle of ideas is an attempt by the mainstream media, the academic world, government schools, textbook publishers, establishment churches, wealthy foundations, city governments, Hollywood liberals, State Department bureaucrats, the Ivy League playpen at the CIA, pop stars, rap artists, civil libertarians, and other assorted noisemakers to mislead the public about the nature of the enemy, an attempt repeatedly frustrated by the enemy himself, who reveals his nature with every attack.

The “war on terrorism” is thus a shooting war with Islamofascist terrorists and a battle of ideas with respectable society, which, for its own truly perverse reasons, at best exhibits a dull-witted indifference to the terrorist threat to our lives and way of life.

It is a war that we could lose—and with it everything.

Since the war is a two-front war, a shooting war and a war of truth against falsehood, it is a war that our armed forces cannot win by themselves. Every American has a responsibility to the truth. Abdicating this responsibility and forcing the military to fight alone is stupid, selfish, self-defeating, shortsighted, and immoral.

If we do not fulfill our responsibility on the homefront, we will lose the war, no matter how brave our soldiers are. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness will be no more.

Many in our society are taking America for granted. We don't seem to realize that America is as much a miracle of history, as the emergence of life out of the primordial soup.

America, and Western Civilizaton in general are so precious. They are a sanctuary in which we are blessed to be able to take refuge from the unremitting murder and pestilence of the history of human civilization.

Without America, the world would sink into chaos.