Thursday, August 11, 2005

Iran Threatens the U.S. With "Grave" Consequences

From the BBC, via the Astute Blogger:

Iran has warned it would be a "grave miscalculation" for the US and EU to refer Tehran to the UN Security Council over its nuclear programme.

The warning came after Iran broke UN seals at its nuclear plant at Isfahan, making it fully operational.

Iran's chief negotiator at the talks there said Tehran had an absolute right to produce nuclear fuel.

Cyrus Nasseri told the BBC's Newsnight programme that talks with the EU to continue a suspension of its uranium conversion work had broken down.

Dismissing the EU's proposals of economic and political concessions as a "package of lollipops", Mr Nasseri said: "We do not for the moment have much hope in the talks whether now or in the future."

"It is absolutely wrong to consider that only a few states in the world, the US and a few states in Europe, plus Russia, should have the exclusivity producing fuel."

The breaking of the seals at Isfahan took place under the supervision of the IAEA, which has installed equipment to monitor activity.

Mr Nasseri said: "I think that would be a grave miscalculation by the US and particularly by Europe to move towards the path of confrontation.

"There is no legal base whatsoever to go to the Security Council. If it is, it is by political choosing and it will be big, big mistake."

So, Iran is threatening the United States with war if we refer them to the dreaded Security Council. Iran is so insistent on it's sovereignty in this situation that they are unwilling to have the United Nations, an organization famous for it's lack of teeth, consider the problem. Instead "grave" consequences lie ahead for the United States, if we even go the diplomatic route.

We'd better just shut up, put our hands in our lap, and do as we're told then.