Monday, August 22, 2005

"It Is A Badge of Honor In Hollywood
To Hate America"

There's an amazing article in Front Page Magazine this morning, by a Hollywood screenwriter named Robert Avrech, who has apparently decided he no longer wants to work in Hollywood. I have a little bit of experience in the world of entertainment myself, so I can say that his experiences jibe with mine. He tells it like it is:

Let's be clear about one thing. Hollywood people are glamorous. But that's about it. They are ill informed about jihad. They are ill informed about Islam. They are ill informed about Israel, the PA, Iraq, Afghanistan. They are ill informed about U.S. history, the Constitution, etc. The truth is, the movie people I've met are ignorant about most everything - save the weekend grosses of the top ten films. That they know like human computers.

Like most Brooklyn Jews, I was raised a Democrat, voted Democrat for years and years, and believed, absolutely, that Republicans were evil. That's what we were taught from birth, right? Democrats are for the poor and the oppressed, and Republicans are for rich people and big corporations. Who questioned such sophisticated political analysis?

But as I grew older and watched the Democratic party turn into an alien entity run by vulgar race hustlers and anti-Semites cloaked as "mere" anti-Zionists - an alien entity that increasingly refused to confront, much less despise, communism - I realized that this was no longer the party that reflected my national or my Jewish aspirations.

The presidency of Jimmy Carter was the last straw. The man was truly ineffectual. I switched to the Republicans and never looked back.

Hollywood, once upon a time, was one of the most patriotic colonies on the planet. During World War II, Frank Capra made a series of propaganda films titled "Why We Fight." Marlene Dietrich put herself through a most grueling schedule visiting and entertaining our troops and selling war bonds. Jimmy Stewart joined the Air Force. Numerous movie stars put their careers on hold to help the war effort. These men and women loved America and understood who the enemy was and why the enemy had to be not only defeated but obliterated from the face of the earth.

Look at Hollywood now. Sean Penn, a convicted wife-beater, goes to Iraq and apologizes for American war crimes. Hollywood's patron saint is Michael Moore, its liturgy his package of lies, the movie "Fahrenheit 9/11." When this film had its Hollywood premiere, the red carpet was choked with stars just dying to make an anti-Bush statement. We're talking about movie stars who know basically nothing about politics. To call them fools would be generous. I have spent time with too many of these people, and believe me, if you're not talking about how beautiful or how talented they are, the conversation sort of just dies.

It is, I kid you not, a badge of honor in Hollywood to hate America. These airheads who have amassed millions through the free market economy constantly spout nonsense about the need for a Scandinavian style socialist government. They don't even know that the Scandinavian countries are economic basket cases. I'm not making this up. They actually cruise Sunset Strip in their Bentleys and accuse Republicans of being greedy.

Let's not forget that at the 2004 Democratic National Convention Michael Moore was given a seat of honor next to - who else? - Jimmy Carter. And the speaker who received the longest standing ovation was none other than the Rev. Al Sharpton, America's most visible race hustler since Jesse Jackson. It was as though the party had been taken over by the Three Stooges. And Hollywood loved it, showering the Dems with more money than ever.

The political divide in Hollywood is now being felt in the most important quarter: the war against Islamic terrorism. Basically, Hollywood denies that such a war exists.

Script #1: I was recently hired to write a movie for a cable station about the war on terrorism. I was flown to New York where I had a long meeting with the head of the network about what he wanted. He described it thus: "I want a hard-hitting multi-character story about terrorism, with one storyline that emphasizes how someone can be reached through education."Okay, that sounded pretty good. My juices were flowing. This is the kind of material I specialize in. Humanistic but with some good action scenes.

And then the head of the network started talking about President Bush. He accused him of being anti-Semitic.

I was flabbergasted. You may disagree with President Bush's policies, you may not like his speeches or the way he butchers the English language, but gee willikers, no American president has shown such friendship to Jews and to Israel as this fine man. I tried to lay out a few facts, but the head of the network - Jewish, naturally - just brushed them aside. Don't bother me with facts, he was saying, I believe what I believe and that's the end of the conversation.

I should have interpreted this as a warning of what was to come and not taken the job. But I did. After handing in the first draft, I was told that the character of the Islamic suicide bomber was not acceptable. I was told that my portrayal was "insensitive." After the second draft I was ordered to remove the mosque where a dissident group was vying for control from the more moderate Muslims.

And now, five drafts later, here's what the screenplay has turned into: The Islamic terrorists who properly dominated the original draft are now minor players. American militia members, ala Timothy McVeigh, are now the bad guys.

At this point in my life, I only know a few people who work in entertainment. I've written a bit here about my conversations with them. I couldn't write an article like the one Avrech has. I believe he is committing career suicide.

Later on in the article he makes a point which Roger Simon has been attempting to drive home for over a year now:

Last year the Dutch film director Theo Van Gogh was murdered in Holland at the hands of Islamic extremists. It was a gruesome murder. There was not one word of protest from the Hollywood community.

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been leaning very heavily on Hollywood the past few years and the film industry is, frankly, terrified. According to CAIR, not a single Muslim should ever be portrayed as a terrorist on film, reality be damned. Because of liberal political correctness, the 2002 version of Tom Clancy's "The Sum of All Fears" transformed Palestinian terrorists into European neo-Nazis.

The sad truth is that behind the dashing and courageous Hollywood characters up on the screen sit a bunch of cowards. A group of craven men and women who have little love for this country and who have no idea that Islamic terrorists are working hard to bring down the foundations of civilization.

These Hollywood liberals spend their lives negotiating. They believe that when the time comes they will sit down with Osama bin Laden and cut a deal. Imagine how surprised they'll be when the cold blade hits their necks. Imagine their shock when they realize there is no negotiating with barbarians; that Osama makes no distinctions between Democrats and Republicans, between observant Jew and Buddhist chanting Jew.

I hope it never comes to that, but imagine such a story line. Actually, it would make a pretty good movie. I should try and pitch it.

Maybe he could go help the South Park guys. You know, the ones who made Team America.