Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Jews Leave Gaza
Palestinians Make More Demands

Israel, of course, made the decision to disengage from the Gaza Strip. They are forcibly removing all the Jews from their "settlement" housing and leaving the Gaza Strip entirely to the Palestinians, who apparently want their land to be Judenrein (Nazi term meaning Jew free).

So, are the Palestinians happy? No, Hamas is threatening to shoot at them on the way out, and the Palestinian Authority is now expressing more demands. From the New York Times:

The Palestinian Authority has commissioned tens of thousands of national flags as well as mugs, bumper stickers and posters with the slogan ''Today Gaza, tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem'' -- props for planned mass celebrations meant to portray the pullout as an achievement of the Abbas government.

The Palestinian Authority is spending $1.7 million on withdrawal celebrations. It has ordered tens of thousands of Palestinian flags, from small pennants to two-story banners, that are being sewn in small workshops across Gaza.

A Gaza City flag shop is sewing about 200,000 Palestinian flags. ''They want the whole country to be carrying Palestinian flags,'' said the owner, Tareq Abu Daya.

It is not surprising that withdrawal from one area would be immediately followed by demands for withdrawal from more areas, because the truth of the matter is, the Palestinians want the Jews out of the Middle East entirely.

The official charters of both main Palestinian ruling parties, Hamas and the Palestinian Liberation Organization, both call for the destruction of Israel.