Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Jihad Roundup

As if they weren't already abusing the Human Rights of mass-murder advocates enough, now Britain is going to expel even more Jihadis:

The Home Secretary said that further expulsions were imminent and that it would be “absolutely foolish” to assume that there will not be a third terrorist attack in London.

The security services and immigration officials are understood to have drawn up a list of foreign extremists to be deported. Many are understood to be young clerics who have come in recent years from Pakistan and North Africa. These so-called preachers of hate are not as well known as clerics such as Abu Qatada and Omar Bakri Mohammed but are seen as stirring up hatred and extremism among young followers.

Muslim leaders have been consulted about a number of the suspects who are expected to be arrested shortly. Their identities are being kept secret for fear that the men may go into hiding before arrests can be made.

As well as clerics, the list is understood to include owners of radical Islamic bookshops, writers, a number of teachers and website operators of different nationalities....

In future unacceptable behaviour will include fomenting terrorism or seeking to provoke others to terror, justifying terrorism, fomenting other serious criminal activity, fostering hatred which may lead to intra-community violence, advocating violence in support of particular beliefs and expressing what the Government considers to be extreme views conflicting with Britain’s culture of tolerance.

It will apply to anyone preaching, public speeches, websites and those writing, publishing or distributing such material. British diplomats have been told to speed up their negotiations to get more countries to sign a deal to take militants who have been expelled.

I think you can bet that if the police are "consulting" with the Muslim community on information which they want kept from the Jihadis, it ain't gonna happen.

Yesterday, I featured a post on a condemnation of the new British terrorism laws, released by "moderate" Muslims. In their condemnation they said the following:

It is natural for Muslims to feel sympathy with fellow Muslims elsewhere in the world and to desire justice for those of them living under oppression.

In other words, they are Muslim before they are British. And they do consider these new terrorism laws to be oppressive, so they will decline to help. I can guarantee it.

And while we are on the subject of Tony Blair's new terrorism policies, let us examine one of the Islamic extremist groups he wants to ban:

The London bombings have prompted the UK government to outlaw Hizb ut Tahrir - a radical Islamic group that wants to replace secular governments with an Islamic Caliphate, or super-state run according to Sharia Law.

The group is particularly strong in Central Asia, where it believes it may take the first steps towards establishing its Caliphate.

High in the mountains of poverty-stricken Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia a bearded man with a fierce gaze slices a watermelon. It is a very colourful sight - red drops of juice on the green carpet, with the glistening snow-covered peaks in the distance.

"In this village, people trust us, not the authorities," says Nur Mohammed, a local leader of Hizb ut Tahrir, which is also banned in Kyrgyzstan.

"Everybody here knows that we will solve their problems quickly and in strict accordance with the Koran. And this suits people a lot better than the slow, bureaucratic and often expensive official route."...

"We have already won the battles on prostitution, drink and robbery," says Nur Mohammed.

"All we do is talk to people about the Koran. Sometimes, it requires more than just the skill of persuasion - but in the end, we do come out on top.

But for Hizb ut Tahrir, battles for hearts and minds in small villages like Arslanbob are just routine. The organisation aims much higher.

"All Muslims in the world already want to live in a Caliphate, under Sharia law," he says. "It will be a huge state, a very powerful state. Even now you are all afraid of us - America, Israel, you in the UK too."

Meanwhile, the confederation of "moderate" British Muslim groups says there is nothing wrong with that:

To equate "extremism" with the aspirations of Muslims for Sharia laws in the Muslim world or the desire to see unification towards a Caliphate in the Muslim lands, as seemed to be misrepresented by the prime minister, is inaccurate and disingenuous.

The proposal to ban the non-violent organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir is, in our view, unwarranted, unjust and unwise, and runs counter to all the principles which Western democracies are currently trying to promote abroad.

Yes, that's right, they believe there is nothing wrong with the idea of creating a Muslim superstate, made up of formerly secular countries, where Sharia Law will rule.

Don't worry about the Caliphate, infidels. It's nothing to lose your head over.

And, if you think the British are doing a good job with their new terrorism policies (and I do), then you will truly be blown away by the Italians:

ROME — Italian police have arrested 141 people in raids at Islamic gathering places across the country, but the country remains at an "elevated risk" for a terrorist attack, the government said Monday.

Police sweeps recently, including raids across Italy on Friday and Saturday, brought the arrests of 141 people, the Interior Ministry said. Two of those arrests were for possession of false documents under a new law stepping up anti-terrorism crackdowns after the London transit attacks last month.

The ministry said others were arrested for suspected robberies or thefts and other "common crimes" but that none of the suspects had immediately been linked to terrorism.

Targeted in the raids were "Islamic gathering places: call centers, Internet Points, Islamic butcher shops and money transfer business," the ministry statement said.

But, that was yesterday. Today comes the news that the Italians have targeted 700 militants for expulsion:

ISN SECURITY WATCH (16/08/05) – The Italian police on Monday said they had arrested more than 100 suspected Muslim militants and planned to expel hundreds more in a massive “anti-terror” sweep made possible by new legislation granting broader powers to police.

More than 141 suspected militants have been arrested, and officials claim to have questioned 32,000 suspects since the introduction of new anti-terrorism legislation last month.

In late July, the Italian parliament passed legislation granting greater powers to police and making it easier to detain people on suspicion of membership in a militant group. Civil liberties groups have harshly criticized the legislation.

The move comes only weeks after one of the suspects in the failed 21 July attack on the London transport system, Hussain Osman, was detained in Rome. Osman is among 701 people Italy plans to expel or extradite for alleged involvement in terrorist activities.

Now, all of Western Civilization needs to learn how to give the Jihadis the big Italian boot in the ass.