Friday, August 12, 2005

Muslim Calls For Fatwa of
Excommunication for Osama Bin Laden

Mamoun Fandy is a senior fellow of Middle East and Islamic politics at Baker Institute at Rice University. Here, in an editorial from USA Today, he calls for Muslim clerics to issue a Fatwa of excommunication for Osama Bin Laden. From Jihad Watch:

The time has come to issue a fatwa to excommunicate Osama bin Laden and his followers from the world of Islam. In fact, as terrorism rages, we need a stream of solid counter-fatwas - legal pronouncements in Islam — from the Muslim community.

Thus far we have heard fatwas, such as the one issued last month by the Fiqh Council of North America, telling us that Islam does not condone violence or that Islam condemns these actions. These types of words are not enough. We need to move beyond abstract condemnations and actually exclude those who give Islam a bad name.

In the same spirit that bin Laden and his group label moderate Muslims as Western lackeys, it is time Muslim leaders pronounce bin Laden by name as non-Muslim.

That's right, excommunicate him.

A clear fatwa should come from the centers of theology in the Muslim world — from al-Azhar University, a prestigious school of Islamic law in Cairo, and from Mecca.

And if a mosque is used as a place to plan attacks or to shield the perpetrators, Muslims should withdraw the name of that mosque, meaning it can no longer serve its holy purpose. It has been desecrated by such evil. The terrorists of Leeds, Britain, allegedly cooked their plots to bomb London inside a mosque, putting signs outside the door that they were praying. Praying for what — for God or for Satan?

God said that those who spread destruction on earth should be punished and that their hands and legs should be cut off, a metaphor for the severity of the punishment. Yet some Muslims continue to cheer bin Laden. The unspoken message sent to him is that "you are doing to the West what we want done."

Now, this is what a real moderate Muslim looks like. Notice he says the violence in the Koran is a metaphor for the severity of the punishment. This is what we do in Judaism and Christianity.

Our Bible calls for homosexuals and adulterers to be stoned to death, but we do not do that. We no longer read such passages literally. Instead, we believe that these acts will be punished by God, as He sees fit. Because vengeance is His.

Thank you, Mr. Fandy. You are like water in a desert.