Friday, August 19, 2005

The Muslim March For Peace

Well, they said they were going to march for peace, anyway. From Little Green Footballs:

The idea of a “million Muslim march” event in Lodi by Muslims to publicly denounce terrorism has officially died, say those involved.

Envisioned in late June as a response to the allegations of terrorists in Lodi’s Muslim community, the idea drew the interest of Mayor John Beckman, conservative radio host Mark Williams, the Sacramento chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations and local Muslims.

Interest waned, however, when it became apparent the deep division in Lodi’s Muslim community would make organizing such an event difficult if not impossible. It appears it has become impossible, as Beckman said this week the event will not be happening.

Meanwhile, the patience of people around the world is waning. Muslims can expect to experience increasing distrust from their fellow citizens unless they start taking some concrete steps to combat the Islamofascists who are stealing the credibility of their religion.

Here are some steps they could take:

1) start by contacting Christian churches, Jewish Synagogues, and Mormon Temples, and inviting them down to their mosques for a day of gathering up the hate material, and carting it to the recycling plant.

2) call the FBI every time they hear of Islamist terrorists recruiting people on campus or in a Mosque.

3) eject Imams and other speakers from Mosques when you hear them say things like this and this.

When mainstream Muslims start taking strong action against such hatred, then they can expect the level of respect for their community to rise dramatically. Until then, they can expect suspicion.