Sunday, August 14, 2005

A New Blogventure For Pastorius

I was recently asked to join in a new blogventure with Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus, and PapiJoe of Marlowe's Shade; The Internet Journal for Public Policy. The idea is to consider issues with regard to foreign policy, the war in Iraq, the Middle East and Islam, and America's role in the world, in a longer, more considered format than we commonly work in, in our respective endeavors.

I recently remarked to a friend that, while I know that CUANAS is 99% absolutely true information, I also recognize that, because of the format of my blog, sometimes specificity and nuance takes a backseat to the more pressing issue of getting as much information as possible out about the horrors of anti-Semitism and Islamofascism. So, I will welcome the challenge of working in a longer format.

My first post is up. It's entitled Should We Destroy Ourselves?

Also check out Titus first two posts. Very thoughtful. And good writing two.

Hope you like it.