Thursday, August 18, 2005

No Jews Allowed In Palestine

One might note that for a pro-Jewish, pro-Israel website, it is rare that CUANAS ever comments on the Gaza pullout, or any border issues for that matter. That's by design. The only comment I have is that I am happy that the Palestinians will finally have autonomy and control over a portion of land. I am happy that they will have, in effect, a state of Palestine, whether they choose to call it that or not.

However, there is one other thing to note about the Gaza pullout. David Horowitz, over at Front Page Magazine nails it on the head:

Forget for a moment all the strategic and geopolitical rationales for the Gaza pullout and consider the reason that the Jewish settlements in Gaza are an issue at all: Palestinian Arabs and indeed all the Arab states of the Middle East hate Jews. They hate Jews so ferociously that they can't live alongside them. Not even if there are 8,000 Jews living among 2 million Arabs.

By contrast there are more than million Arabs, Muslim and Christian, living safely in Israel where they enjoy more citizen rights than the Arabs living in any Arab country -- or for that matter the Muslims living in any Muslim country. But not a single Jew can live in a single Arab state.

The ethnic cleansing of the Jews from the Middle East began in 1921 when Churchill created the state of Jordan out of 80% of the Palestine mandate. The order creating the state of Jordan said no Jew is allowed to live on this land. That was what the Arabs wanted. No Jew should dirty this land. Seventy-percent of the population of Jordan is Palestinian Arabs. But they don't want Jordan as their Palestinian state because there are no Jews there to drive into the sea.

Palestinians have shown twice -- in 1948 and again in 2000 that they want to kill Jews more than they want a Palestinian state. Jew-hatred is the cause of the Middle East conflict and it is the only reason the Jews in Gaza are an issue at all.

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