Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Oh Yeah? How 'boutcha Other Fatwa?

The United American Commitee didn't take to kindly to the recent Muslim Fatwa condemning terrorism, especially since a UAC member had recently had another Fatwa issued calling for his death:

“These groups are only deceiving America, they fail to mention any terrorists or terror groups by name, they merely state that they do not condone the unjust killing of the innocent, or civilians.” remarks U.A.C. chairman Jesse Petrilla, “non-believers are not innocent according to Islamic law, and we are not civilians according to Islamic jihad, we are the enemy, and according to Islamic extremists, our killing is not unjustified.”

One of the groups tied to the fatwa against terror was the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC). The Untied American Committee adamantly objects to a statement made by one of MPACs founding members, Dr. Maher Hathout of Egypt, a U.S. citizen. In that statement he essentially issued a fatwa of death against a Los Angeles homeless activist by the name of Ted Hayes.

“As long as they’re talking about fatwas, what about the fatwa on my life?” says Hayes, whose outspoken opinions against Islamic extremism have gained him friends and foes alike. “How can these groups issue a fatwa against terrorism and extremism, yet their members issue other fatwas which seem to support terrorism and extremism?”

Mr. Hayes is still waiting for an answer on that question.