Saturday, August 20, 2005

Psalm 23

Lord, you are my provider and my guide. You will not abandon me to wander in need. With you, I luxuriate in lush fields of emerald and fragrance. You bring me down from the hills to rest by the mirrored plateau of your peace.

And you restore my soul.

You guide me along the exalted path; a parade of saints and spirits for your Name's sake.

Though there appears before my eyes visions of bones and dryness in a haunted land, I will fear no evil, for You are with me. Your Truth and Guidance gives me comfort, and sustains in me hope.

My enemies are nothing to me. No assailants, no doubt or fears, or anger can steal me away from you. Because, inside the temple of my body you have already lit the fire, and you have laid out the bread and the wine, and already I sit there, and feast with my Father and my Family.

My enemies are stunned and frightened by the vision, and they howl even more, but you have annointed my head with oil. I am sealed in you.

You have poured my cup to overflowing, and we dance and sing with You, and for You forevermore.