Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sometimes You Just Gotta Love Your Enemies

Our enemies are out in force, giving us their thoughts, and letting us know exactly what they intend to do to us. From Jihad Watch:

The following are excerpts from an interview with Lebanese researcher Anis Al-Naqqash, which aired on Al-Manar TV on August 3, 2005...

Al-Naqqash: The claims about Islam's renunciation of violence are meaningless, unfounded, and illogical. Why? Because Islam is one of the greatest advocates of violence, when violence is warranted, and one of the greatest advocates of peace and compassion, when compassion is warranted.

Islam is the religion of life in general, and not a blind religion. Islam does not surrender to foreign aggression. So stating categorically that Islam is a religion of love that rejects violence – This is a big lie. "Take them and kill them wherever you find them." This is taken from the words of Allah (the Koran). About whom? About Allah's enemies.

This is violence.

Yeah Anis, I agree. That is violence. No argument from me on that.

And then there's this, about Omar Bakri Mohammed, who just two days ago fled Britain in lieu of his probable deportation for inciting Jihadi violence against British citizens:

Omar Bakri Mohammed, one of the Islamic extremists who faces possible treason charges over support for the London bombers, plans to come back to Britain after leaving at the weekend, he has said....

"I am going to return back in four weeks unless the Government say we are not welcome, because my family is in the UK.

"I left by my own passport. I do not think I will have any problem returning back to the UK but I do not want the Government to use the presence of Omar Bakri to change the rules."

He said he believed the Government was using him to put pressure on the Muslim community.

He added: "I wish for the British people to think about Islam. I wish as well that this Government will go back to its own sense, not changing its values because they do not know who committed the bombings in London."

Bakri denied he had called the July 7 bombers the "fantastic four" and said he condemned the atrocity.

"I never, ever spoke about the bombings in London. Fantastic Four is a film, nothing to do with the bombings. I never, ever talked about the bombings except to condemn the killing of innocent people."

The radical cleric sparked outrage last week when he said he would not inform police if he knew Muslims were planning a bomb attack on a train in the UK and supported Muslims who attacked British troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Asked whether he would inform police if he knew a Muslim was planning to commit a crime, he said his faith does not allow him to do so.

"I will never report to the police any Muslim because Islam forbids me. Definitely I would stop him whatever the cost, even if it cost me my life. That is my duty as a Muslim.

"My religion forbids me to report a Muslim to the British police.

"I believe Islam is superior and nothing supersedes it but we can live with you in harmony," he said.

See what I mean? You just gotta love it when your enemies tell you the truth.