Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sometimes You Just Gotta Love Your Enemy

From Little Green Footballs:

The implementation of the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip marks “the beginning of the end for Israel,” said Hamas political bureau chief, Khaled Mashaal.

Speaking to al-Hayat newspaper, Mashaal was quoted as saying on Tuesday that the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip as “the beginning of the end for the Zionist program in the region.”

The Hamas leader reiterated the movement’s commitment to the calm with Israel until the end of the current year, but added the “resistance is a strategic choice, because the withdrawal from Gaza is the first step in the way to complete liberation.”

The Damascus-based official stressed that “Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon wants the Gaza exit to be the first and last, and the payment for the continued control in the West Bank, settlement construction, wall construction, and the annulment of any possibility of establishing a Palestinian state within the framework of the Zionist project to end the Palestinian issue with the unlimited US support,” adding “We, however, see the withdrawal as first step for full liberation and achieving all of our legitimate rights. Today Gaza and tomorrow the West Bank and later every inch of the land.”

Man, you gotta love your enemies, when they tell the truth. Thanks Khaled.

Somehow, in Khaled's mind "every inch of the land" is the "legitimate rights" of the Palestinian people. Well, that's not what the U.N. said when they partitioned the land, and Israel was made a state. And it's not ever going to be the way Khaled wants it, no matter what he and the legion of Jew-hating demons in the U.N., and Europe, and all over the world think. It isn't going to happen.

In the next few days, Khaled, you will have your state. There will be no more playing of these Stepin Fetchit Palestinians-in-the-Refuge-Camps games. Palestinians will be the legitimate citizens of the legitimate Palestinian state.

What you guys decide to make of your state is your decision. If you decide to be orderly and establish a constitution, and an infrastructure, etc., then, good for you. But, if you decide to continue on with you dumb act, it will be your own fault.

If your state attacks Israel, it will be one state making war on another. Therefore, Israel will be within their rights to kill every person who takes up an arm against her. That would be a legal war.