Friday, August 05, 2005

The Stark Contrasts

From Little Green Footballs:

When a Jewish terrorist kills Arabs - and let’s be clear, this one’s a terrorist - Jews condemn him for it. When an Arab terrorist kills Jews, Arabs celebrate.

When an Arab mob savagely lynches a Jew for killing Arabs, the world yawns. When highly trained and disciplined Israeli operatives target a Palestinian terrorist who is literally in the act of terrorism, it’s highly “controversial”.

After a horrific terrorist attack committed by a Jew, it’s just kind of expected that Arabs will violently riot. When Arabs commit the most unthinkable crimes, bombing civilians and then the medical personnel who come to help them, Israelis are urged to consider the day after.

Mired in their own victim-hood, Israeli Arab organizations are of course calling for a full strike. In far more serious situations - with civilian murders sanctioned at the highest Palestinian levels - Israelis were always urged to make one more painful concession for peace.

And of course, the biggest difference is that when a Jewish terrorist kills Arabs, Jews call him a terrorist. When an Arab terrorist kills Jews, he’s something else.

And, of course, when an Arab terrorist blows people up, we need to understand their grievances, because they are somewhat justified in their actions. They are freedom fighters. But, when a Jew commits an act of terrorism, then the Left recognizes that it is terrorism, and that it is evil.

Isn't it funny how the Left's tactic is always to conflate terrorism with defensive military action when the Palestinians are the evildoers, but when a Jew is the evildoer, suddenly they can see the difference?

The Left are like the Pharisees of the Bible; they know every jot and tittle of the Law, but they know not the spirit.

They are like tombs filled with dead mens bones.