Monday, August 22, 2005

Where The Road Map Ends
And Israel Begins

Looks like Sharon is done giving in. From the Jerusalem Post:

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon signaled a right turn Sunday, vowing to build inside the West Bank settlement blocs, even as bulldozers began mowing down Gaza's settlements.

"There will be building in the settlement blocs," Sharon said. "Each government since 1967 – right, left and national unity – has seen strategic importance in specific areas [beyond the Green Line]. I will build." Sharon mentioned specifically that "Ma'ale Adumim will continue to grow and be connected to Jerusalem," and that Ariel and its satellites would be a part of Israel forever.

Sharon was obviously aware that the road map called for a freeze of all settlement construction, and was cognizant that this construction could put Israel on a collision course with both the US and Europe.

Relating to reports Sunday that evacuees from Netzarim will be temporarily housed in Ariel, Sharon said he was not worried that this would hurt Israel's request for some $2.2 billion in aid from the US for disengagement-related development in the Negev and Galilee.

"We don't move anyone, people can go wherever they want," Sharon said, adding that Israel had an interest in settling the Negev and Galilee. Nevertheless, he said, "the Ariel bloc will remain a part of Israel forever, connected territorially to Israel."

Asked why people should believe him now, after he made similar comments in the past about Gush Katif, Sharon said: "This is something you will be able to see in a short time, that there will be no second disengagement."

Sounds like Mr. Sharon has a plan in mind, just as I have been predicting. This disengagement was just about hightailing it from an economic and terrorist threat. This was about giving the Palestinians enough rope to hang themselves. I pray to God they won't, but really, it's up to them.

Well, let's see what else he has to say.

"We will not allow attacks and we will respond to attacks as forcefully as possible," he said.

Meanwhile, Sharon referred Sunday to US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's comments last week that everyone empathized with what Israel was facing. "It cannot be [about] Gaza only," Sharon said.

Sharon said Rice was "expressing the hope, which we share, that after the implementation of the disengagement plan, the momentum will continue and conditions for progress according to the road map will be created." He said that Rice made it unequivocally clear that the next step must be for the Palestinian Authority to stop terrorism and dismantle the terrorist organizations, especially Hamas.

How do you dismantle a terrorist organization when it is the countries second leading political party? Think Sheikh Yassin.

Sharon said it would be impossible to move along the road map until the Palestinians carry out their commitments. "I have no intention of conceding on them one iota," he said.

And he shouldn't. The time for Israeli concessions is absolutely over. The ball is in the Palestinian's court.

I think the disengagement was a brilliant idea. Now, there is a country of Israel, and a country of Palestine. The Palestinians have their own shoreline. They can have their own airport. They can build their economy. They can educate their young. They can build universities. They can plant trees, and orange groves. They can invent things and get them patented. They can build supercomputers. They can innovate in the world of biotechnology.

I mean, really, the sky is the limit for the Palestinians.

The one thing they had better not do is use their army (Hamas, Al-Aqsa, Islamic Jihad) to attack another sovereign nation. Any attack upon Israel should be met with ten times the force by the IDF.

Israel can not allow the country of Palestine to attack them militarily.