Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Why Libertarian Isolationism Is An Oxymoron

My blogbrother Titus has written a penetrating analysis on the issue of whether war is a rational or irrational policy. My favorite part is where Titus tears apart the reigning Libertarian orthodoxy that war is an unnecessary entangling alliance:

Addressing the arguments that paleo-libertarians make against the rationality of war, we find that their position is actually contrary to what one would expect from their philosophy of the state. Indeed, given that war is an act of the state (or tribe, or band), and the libertarians themselves general believe that the object of the state is to increase its own power vis-a-vis the individual citizens, it would seem that libertarians should understand war to be a rational, though undesireable, activity as the state seems to augment its power through a reasoned course of action.

I love the smell of Pat Buchanan stewing in his own juices. Go read the whole thing.