Monday, August 29, 2005

A Young Girl Who Didn't

The Aftermath of the Beslan Massacre

Last year Islamofascist Jihadis stormed an elementary school in Beslan, Chechneya and went on a raping and murdering rampage which lasted for several days, and culminated with a massacre which killed over 200 children.

The other day, the surviving children had the "opportunity" to relive their horrible experiences by testifying in court about what happened to them:

Children of the Beslan Massacre from a year ago sobbed in court as they recounted the horrific abuse they endured last year when terrorists took siege of their school in this North Ossetian town:

A 10-year-old boy testified Thursday, August 25th in the trial of the one lone terrorist to be captured alive after the siege in Beslan. One of the female terrorists ... told us that if she found a phone on anyone, that person would be killed and three more people near him or her would be killed too.

Tamerlan Toguzov a survivor of the Beslan terrorist attack, stands outside the court Wednesday to talk with reporters. He shared a bottle of vodka with other thirsty hostages to survive the ordeal. (Moscow Times)

Alan Kochiyev, 13, told how the attackers shot a hostage in the gym. He also recalled how they forced a boy sitting next to him to stand up and threatened to shoot him if the hostages did not keep quiet.

Tamerlan Toguzov, 13, said that after a female suicide bomber died in a blast on the first day, he and his mother, a doctor, removed medicine from her bloodied bags. He said his mother, Larisa Mamitova, treated hostages and wounded attackers and twice was sent out to hand over notes demanding that federal troops be withdrawn from Chechnya and that President Vladimir Putin resign.

The boy said he found a bottle of vodka in one of the bomber's bags and sipped it with other children because they had nothing else to drink.

But, the most moving testimony was that of the 14 year old boy who burst into tears: Malik Kalchakeyev, 14, speaking slowly and in great detail, told of how the schoolchildren and their parents were herded into the school's gym, how the attackers stopped providing water and how they taunted the exhausted hostages, often forcing them to stand and sit quickly in the hot, crowded gym."

On the second day, we were all very thirsty. Women told us, the boys, to pee into plastic bottles so that the children could then drink our pee," the boy said, bursting into tears. "I peed into a bottle, and small children -- even babies -- drank it."

"Listen, Kulayev, listen," Judge Tamerlan Aguzarov angrily ordered the defendant, who showed no emotion as he sat in a steel cage with bulletproof glass behind the testifying children.

As the boy tried to stop sobbing, the courtroom spectators, mostly women wearing black clothes and black headscarves, swore at Kulayev. "Give this terrorist to us! We will tear the bastard apart!" the women shouted.

This testimony took place a few days ago. Right around the same time, one of the masterminds of the Beslan Massacre received a promotion. He is now second in command of the Chechen rebellion:

Warlord Shamil Basayev has become the second most powerful figure in the Chechen rebel government as part of a reshuffle that confirms its shift toward radical Islam.

Basayev, who has claimed responsibility for numerous terrorist attacks, including last September's hostage-taking raid in Beslan, has been appointed first deputy prime minister in the rebel government, according to a document posted Thursday on the rebel web site Kavkaz Center.

Abdul-Khalim Sadulayev, the Muslim cleric who succeeded Aslan Maskhadov as Chechen separatist president after Maskhadov's killing by pro-Moscow forces in March, named Basayev and other rebel leaders to posts in his government in a decree dated Aug. 23. Sadulayev also holds the post of prime minister in the rebel government.

The reshuffle "demonstrates the consolidation of the separatist Chechen government and, most probably, of its further radicalization," said Alexei Malashenko, a Chechnya analyst with the Carnegie Moscow Center.

I am often amazed to find that there are people who still don't realize that we truly are at war, and that we are at war with an evil menace on the level of Nazism. I don't understand how people can not see this. These Islamofascists took a school full of children hostage, and raped and killed them.

In this war, the enemy is so clearly evil it is almost farcical. It's almost like in the Lord of the Rings, where all the evil people were ugly trolls and orcs whose bodies oozed and who grunt and huff when breathing. But, it isn't farcical at all. It's true. They really are that evil. They really will stoop to raping and killing a school full of children.

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