Friday, August 26, 2005

London Zoo Unveils Live Human Exhibit

From Agence French Presse:

LONDON (AFP) - London Zoo unveiled a new exhibition -- eight humans prowling around wearing little more than fig leaves to cover their modesty.

The "Human Zoo" is intended to show the basic nature of human beings as they frolick throughout the August bank holiday weekend.

"We have set up this exhibit to highlight the spread of man as a plague species and to communicate the importance of man's place in the planet's ecosystem," London Zoo said.

The scantily-clad volunteers will be treated as animals and kept amused at the central London zoo with games and music.

Why not? That's what most of us do with our lives anyway, right?

Something is starting to dawn on me. This exhibit, of course, expresses a philosophical opinion; humans are animals. We are not made in the Image of God. We are not set above animals. No, we are just the same.

And, of course, in addition to that, this exhibit levels the added insult that, not only are we animals, but we are a particularly destructive class of animals; "a plague species."

Bad, bad animals.

So, here's what I'm realizing. The Left's agenda is animalistic.

They want us to have all the birth-control pills, condoms, and RU-486 that we can get our hands on, so we can screw the night away like a bunch of animals. They want us to eat nuts and berries. They believe we can't be expected to take care of ourselves, so they want to set up elaborate social services. And, of course, when we are no longer easy to have around the house, they want to put us to sleep.

You see what I mean?