Thursday, September 22, 2005

Belmont Club Is Uproariously Funny

Wretchard, not a guy I would usually associate with mirth, actually had me laughing out loud this morning. First he has an analysis of the Battle of Tal-Afar as told by Time Magazine. Wretchard notes that, while the Time article contains many negative phrases about the war in Iraq ("elusive and inexhaustible enemy""success" is "elusive""inexhaustible enemy emboldened by the US presence""gradual . . . erosion" in public support), it is almost singularly lacking in specifics.

Wretchard concludes that if a future historian were to rely on this article to tell the story of the Battle of Tal-Afar, he would believe America lost, and would, thus, write something like this:

Two groups of men fought in a place called Tal-Afar about 3,532 years ago. One group of men, called 'insurgents', soundly defeated another group called Americans, and their allies the Kurds, but for reasons unclear in the manuscript fragments, the insurgents evacuated the battlefield although they could hardly be pressed by the Americans, who were apparently a people who frequently cursed, yelled and ran from place to place in fear.