Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Coincidence
Or Reason To Be Afraid?

The Astute Blogger points out that Bashar Assad of Syria and Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority have both canceled their trips to New York City for next weeks United Nations General Assembly Convention:

1 - Assad has just canceled his NY visit - scheduled to allow him to attend the opening of the UN.

2 - Abbas did the same thing earlier in the day (blaiming it on "unrest" in Gaza).

SO... WHAT DO THEY KNOW? Or fear? I think they might know something very bad is planned to coincide with the UN General Assembly convention - and/or the anniversary of 9/11. AND: while a lot of our resources are focused on the Gulf Coast.

I hope the FBI is reading this...

[ASIDE: Ariel Sharon will be attending. If he cancels, then I am staying out of town!]

I'm not too sure there is reason to be afraid. Iran's President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, will be there. It is unlikely that if Assad knew of a possible terror operation he would not tell Ahmadinejad. Besides, the information would much more likely go the other way, as I believe Iran would be the first to know if anything was up.

If Ahmadinejad cancels, then everybody better head out to the Hamptons for some sun.

P.S. The thing that really worries me about this is I don't think I've seen the Astute Blogger be wrong on any of his predictions as of yet. He's gotta be wrong sometimes, right?