Friday, September 16, 2005

Egyptian Forces Beat Palestinians With Sticks
Human Rights Groups Yawn

The Pedestrian Infidel points out that Egypt is now doing everything Israel ever did, and worse, to try to control the Palestinian Jihadis, but the media, and the human rights organizations, and the UN itself, are all turning a blind eye:

Those poor oppressed Gazans. Now Egypt is beating them with sticks and rolling out the barbwire. But do you hear a peep from all those Palestinian sympathizers that Egypt is being mean. Nope, not a peep.

RAFAH, Egypt Sep 16, 2005 — Thousands of Palestinians broke through Egyptian and Palestinian Authority lines on the Gaza border Friday, pouring into Egypt in defiance of government attempts to secure the frontier.

It was the second afternoon in a row when crowd power overwhelmed the measures imposed in the morning to restore order on the Gaza-Egypt border, the Palestinians' only outlet to the world that avoids Israel.

The surge started when Palestinians waiting to cross pelted their own security forces with stones at the Saladin gate, the main informal crossing on the border, in this border town.

When the Palestinian security officials gave way, the crowd pushed through the iron gateway and tackled the Egyptian police....

Policemen tried to beat the crowd back with sticks, but they were overwhelmed. There was no official figure for the number of Palestinians who entered Egypt, but The Associated Press estimated them at about five thousand.

Let's see, when the Israelis beat back a Palestinians crowd they are condemned by the UN, castigated in newspapers like the Guardian, and accused of Genocide by politicians and organizations like Amnesty International. But when Egyptian forces do it, no one says a word.

I wonder why that is. What is the difference between the Egyptians and the Israelis which could lead to the different response?

Could it be because the Israelis are Jews?