Sunday, September 25, 2005

Gaza Attacks Israel Attacks Gaza Attacks Israel Attacks Gaza ...

Israel kills the head of Islamic Jihad in Gaza:

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Israel pressed forward with a broad offensive against Islamic militants on Sunday, killing an Islamic Jihad commander in a pinpoint airstrike in the Gaza Strip and rounding up more than 200 wanted Palestinians. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon promised to use "all means" against the militants.

The offensive, coming just two weeks after Israel withdrew from Gaza, followed a wave of militant rocket attacks against Israeli towns over the weekend. Israel has promised to continue with its airstrikes, arrests and a possible ground invasion until the rocket fire ceases.

"There shall be no restrictions on the use of all means to hit the terrorists and the terror organizations, their equipment and their hideouts," Sharon told his Cabinet Sunday.

Late Sunday, a top Hamas leader in Gaza said his group would halt the rocket fire.

Yeah, I'll bet.

You know they'll only halt rocket fire for a few days, and then they'll be right back at it. Israel need to consider any attack by the Palestinians in Gaza as an attack by one state on another. And, they need to retaliate accordingly.

As Roger Simon said the other day:

Look at it this way - if a major social group in Mexico was sitting in Tijuana lobbing missiles at San Diego and the Mexican government did nothing about it, would the United States have the right to respond?