Saturday, September 10, 2005

I'm Only Talking About Shaq

That Shaq is one good mother... :

MIAMI - Sweat dripping from his head as he worked in the midday South Florida sun, Shaquille O'Neal loaded the last item into a cavernous 18-wheel trailer and pointed to the generous stranger.

"Give the man a hug," he urged his children, who quickly obliged. "Tell him thank you."

For the last week, O'Neal and his wife have coordinated efforts to help those in Louisiana and Mississippi whose lives were ripped apart by Hurricane Katrina. And Saturday, O'Neal was on the front line, personally accepting medical items, toiletries, clothes and other items from those inclined to help.

The tractor-trailers hired by the O'Neal family are expected to begin rolling Tuesday toward Baton Rouge, La. — where O'Neal, the Miami Heat center, attended LSU.

"I commend everybody who's helping out in some way," O'Neal said. "Whether it's monetarily or going to the stores and buying cases of water, bundles of ice ... there's a lot of people chipping in, and my hat goes off to every American and non-American that's helping."

"I'm just doing what I've been taught by my parents to do," O'Neal said. "This is the right thing to do, and I'm trying to urge other people to do it."

Gee, Pastorius, that's nice and all, but why are you posting about this on CUANAS?

Well, I'm glad you asked. The reason is because Shaquille O'Neal is a Muslim.

He's a Muslim who helps people when they need help. When God's people need to be fed, Shaq feeds them. When God's people are thirsty, Shaq will bring them water. When God's people are tired and cold, Shaq will clothe them and give them a place to stay.

He doesn't confine his charity work to fellow Muslims. He helps "the least of these."

Jesus said that when you feed his people like this, it is as if you have fed Him.

Shaq seems like a righteous man to me.