Thursday, September 01, 2005

Interesting Debate Over At Fjordman's Blog

There is a very interesting and, to my mind, important debate going on over at Fjordman's site. The question at hand is, will Muslim immigration in Europe lead to war? Here's a comment from Thomas the Wraith which articulates a fear which has been welling in me for the past few years:

The rise of a xenophobic right nation party somewhere in Europe is all but inevitable. The Muslim invasion is slowly but surely waking European rightism from its long slumber. For all their boasting and machismo the Islamists are no match for rising and reconstituted European fascism. It will be a horrible struggle between Bad and Worse.

The BNP grows stronger in the UK. Vlaams Belang grows in Belgium. The Progress Party, the National Front, etc. Some of these parties may achieve power. More likely a new party or a reformed mainstream party will adopt the ideas of turning back the Islamist and muslim immigrant tide.

The losers will ultimately be what's left of European Judaism. Caught between a anti-Semitic nationalism and Jew-hating Islam, the Jews of Europe will have no choice but to flee.

Another loser could be America. Many (even most) Euro-rightists are suspicious of American or simply anti-American. So it goes.

Not to be a pessimist but long dark days are ahead. The struggle between militant European nationalism and Islamic supremism will be violent, personal and intimate. Beirut, Sarajevo, this is the future of many European cities. Sad but true.

Not to be a pessimist, huh?

Hey everybody, hope your coffee is good this morning. Is the sun still shining?


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