Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Islamic Jihadis

I've been thinking, for a while now, that my use of the word Islamofascists probably does not serve my cause well. I think I probably come across as being similar to those who would call Bush a Nazi, or America a fascist state.

The thing is, the words fascist and Nazi have been deligitamized through overuse. I have been using the word Islamofascist with the thought that reasonable people would see that I make a clear case for the fact that they are fascist. They run, or want to run authoritarian states. They control through physical and mental intimidation, and like the Nazis they want to kill the Jews.

Funny thing, when I started writing CUANAS I thought this would be an easy enough case to make. I started CUANAS with the idea that I would educate Christians about the reemergence of anti-Semitism in our time. I believed that this would be instantly recognizable to people once they were presented with the facts. I believed that the lessons of history were clear to my fellow Christians;

that anti-Semitism is a warning sign of great evil,

that anti-Semitismon a societal level usually leads to the murdering of Jews,

that anti-Semitism MUST be confronted,

and that one of the most pathetic chapters in Christian history was the apathy of Christians in the face of the rise of Nazism, and the complicity of many Christians in the murdering of Jews.

While it is true that Christians, at this stage of the game, are the best friends Jews have got, I find, personally, that my warnings go unheeded in the circles in which I travel. This causes me much frustration and deep disappointment.

The only thing I can think of to account for the apathy I encounter is that, perhaps, the language I use sounds alarmist and is therefore dismissed. Frankly, I don't know how one could develop an alarm loud enough for the problems we face, but I understand that sometimes a whisper will be heard better than a scream.

Thus, I am going to start referring to our enemy as the Islamic Jihadis, rather than Islamofascists. I think most people are now aware that Jihad is many times used in the context of making war. So, it is my hope that when I explain that an Islamic Jihadi called for the death of Jews on state-sponsored TV, that maybe it will be heard.

I hardly think this is change is suddenly going to exponentially increase the impact of the work I do. However, maybe it will serve to win more of the casual drop-in readers I get, and maybe it will decrease the rolling of eyes, and the incredulous looks I receive in my personal life.

I had the experience of few months back of having sent a few key people in my church a brief email with three links as examples of the murderous anti-Semitism in the Arab World. I was met with silence. Not a return email. Not a comment in the foyer at church. Nothing. Just complete silence. Oh yes, and, over the next few weeks, an acceleration in jokes about my blogging.

As I said, the only explanation I can come up with for this sort of behavior is that something about my way of putting things is undermining my message.

I've also decided that, since a picture is worth a thousand words, instead of calling the Islamic Jihadis Nazis, I will simply post photos of their Nazi antics. So, you can expect to see pictures of Jihadis flashing the Heil Hitller sign on a regular basis.

Our society has become accustomed to thinking of Nazis as white-supremacists. Well, some Nazis are white supremacists, but a lot more are Islamic Jihadis. When I say this, I do not mean that the Islamic Jihadis strictly adhere to the totality of Nazi ideology. But that they do adhere to the part that calls for death to the Jews.

Most people in our society are completely unaware of the fact that Arab Muslims worked with Hitler during World War II. Most are unaware of the fact that there is a direct line between Nazism and the movement for a Palestinian state. Most are unaware of the fact that the Grand Mufti al-Husseini was Hitlers point man in the Arab world, and that he was also Yasser Arafat's mentor, and, rumor has it, his uncle.

This ignorance allows the Islamic Jihadis to carrry on the war against Western Civilization in the guise of being freedom fighters. But, what kind of freedom is Jihad and Sharia? The answer, of course, is it is not freedom. It is tyranny.

By the way, I want to thank everyone who has been stopping by lately and leaving all the thoughtful comments. It heartens me to know that there are like-minded people out there. I wish you people were my neighbors instead of the ones I have, to be frank. But, I guess that's what I get for living in SoCal.

The blogosphere is not like traditional media. It is not about one person talking and millions listening. It is about communication and community. Always on Watch puts out some information, and I pick up on it, and then someone else gets it from me. We pass on information. We do not simply beat on our bully pulpit. I pray that between us all we can make more and more people aware of the menace we face.

Here's an off-topic aside. For the next couple of days, I am stuck using a Mac. For whatever reason, this Mac does not interface with blogger very well. Thus, I am not able to create colors, italics, bold, or any other way to separate quotes from the body of my post. Sorry.

I know that I should learn to use html. Well, ok fine. I will.