Thursday, September 22, 2005

Islamic Jihadis Leaving Iraq
Going to France

More evidence that we seem to be coming closer to winning the war in Iraq comes from an unlikely source; a French judge who seems to have it in for America:

PARIS - Islamic extremists are returning to France from Iraq's battlegrounds with the skills and desire to carry out attacks in Europe, a top anti-terror judge said Thursday — warning that Europe needs a better-coordinated effort to face the threat.

The Iraq war is changing the face of militancy in France, investigating judge Jean-Francois Ricard said in an interview with The Associated Press. As with some of the suspects in the London bombings, some French Islamic radicals with violent intentions are unknown to authorities, he said.

Islamic militants from France have long participated in armed struggles and received battle training around the globe, in places such as Chechnya, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq, Ricard said. But only rarely have such militants sought to bring violence back with them, he said.

"I have confirmation ... of this return (from Iraq) with action targeting our countries. We've been starting to see it this year" and in 2004, Ricard said. "It's very worrying."

"The return of some individuals is starting: They're taking round trips. You can't think that once in Iraq, there's no return," he said. "It is not true."

He declined to say how many French citizens could be involved, but said authorities must keep close watch over any potential suspects and their collaborators.

They wouldn't be returning to France if they weren't giving up in Iraq.