Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Israel Unleashes Missile Strike Against Gaza

Good for Israel. That's what they should do. When one state attacks another state, as the Palestinians have done to Israel, then the state which is attack is within their rights, and their responsibility to their own citizens to subdue their enemy. So, that's what Israel should do. Strike, strike, and strike again, until the Palestinians will fight no more. Of course, AP doesn't see it that way:

JERUSALEM - Israeli aircraft pressed ahead with its offensive against Palestinian militants, unleashing a barrage of missiles against targets throughout Gaza City early Wednesday, knocking out power and plunging the city into darkness. No injuries were immediately reported.

Missiles landed in at least three locations, including the impoverished Tufah neighborhood and the Bureij refugee camp, just south of the city. One airstrike hit a two-story building used by the ruling Fatah party. The offices provide tutoring lessons to school children, and cash and food assistance to families in Tufah.

Pastorius note: Who cares what kind of front they put up for cover. This is Palestinian propaganda. You can be sure that that building is also housing terrorists and their operations. On with AP's story:

Tensions in the region were further inflamed when Hamas militants released a video of a bound and blindfolded Israeli businessman who they had kidnapped and later killed — an attack that appeared to signal a new tactic in the militants' fight against Israel.

Pastorius note: Remember, just yesterday, Hamas had called a cease fire? And already they are back targeting Israel with rocket attacks. Why should Israel trust a word they say. They have done this time and time and time again. Back to AP's, uh, story,

Renewed fighting with the Palestinians in Gaza over the past week has compounded Sharon's political problems. Hamas militants launched dozens of homemade Qassam rockets at southern Israel over the weekend, prompting a major Israeli offensive, marked by airstrikes in Gaza and arrest raids in the West Bank.

Pastorius note: This is absolute bullshit (pardon my sloppy French), Sharon just today was reaffirmed by the Israeli Parliament. How is it that AP can say that his problems are compounded? It seems to me he has shored up his hold on power.

The leader of another Palestinian militant group, Islamic Jihad, said it will halt rocket attacks against Israel but reserved the right to retaliate for Israeli attacks.

Pastorius note: Make that the NEW leader of Islamic Jihad. Israel just killed their previous leader two days ago. So, keep on attacking buddy. You'll be dead soon, as well.