Friday, September 16, 2005

Massachusettes Governor Says
"Wiretap Mosques"

From Jihad Watch:

WASHINGTON -- Governor Mitt Romney raised the prospect of wiretapping mosques and conducting surveillance of foreign students in Massachusetts, as he issued a broad call yesterday for the federal government to devote far more money and attention to domestic intelligence gathering.

In remarks that caused alarm among civil libertarians and advocates for immigrants rights, Romney said in a speech to the Heritage Foundation that the United States needs to radically rethink how it guards itself against terrorism.

''How many individuals are coming to our state and going to those institutions who have come from terrorist-sponsored states?" he said, referring to foreign students who attend universities in Massachusetts. ''Do we know where they are? Are we tracking them?"

''How about people who are in settings -- mosques, for instance -- that may be teaching doctrines of hate and terror," Romney continued. ''Are we monitoring that? Are we wiretapping? Are we following what's going on?"

Mitt Romney's idea may sound crazy to the more liberal-minded of us, but I guarantee you that we are going to here more and more and more of this if Muslims don't take care of the problem. The solution is not up to non-Muslims, it is up to the Muslim community.

Why? Because they have the most personal connections with those who are preaching the Jihadi ideology.

We don't know who is and who isnt'. All we know is that a sizable percentage of Mosques in the United States have made anti-Infidel hate literature available to their worshipers.

After the London Bombings of July 7th, I did a series of posts where I reiterated that until Muslims start taking action against the Islamists in their midst, they can expect to be treated with increasing distrust in our world.

Here's what they can do to start to make things better:

1) start by contacting Christian churches, Jewish Synagogues, and Mormon Temples down to their mosques for a day of gathering up the hate material, and carting it to the recycling plant.

2) call the FBI every time they hear of Islamist terrorists recruiting people on campus or in a Mosque.

3) eject Imams and other speakers from Mosques when you hear them say things like this and this.

When mainstream Muslims start taking strong action against such hatred, then they can expect the level of respect for their community to rise dramatically. Until then, they can expect suspicion.