Monday, September 05, 2005

Mysterious Blast In Gaza

Associated Press can't figure out what happened:

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - A mysterious blast after nightfall Monday leveled a building in Gaza City, killing four people and wounding at least 30, residents and hospital officials said. The violent Islamic Hamas group blamed Israel, but the Israeli military said it was not involved.

The explosion came hours after Palestinian security forces got their first look at demolished Jewish settlements in Gaza, touring the area ahead of Israel's formal handover in mid-September. The joint tour by Palestinian commanders and Israeli military officials marked the first time Palestinian authorities were allowed into the settlements, which were evacuated two weeks ago.

The blast in the Gaza City neighborhood of Shajaiyeh destroyed a house where known Hamas members lived. Hamas charged that an Israeli missile hit the house, with a group spokesman, Munir al-Masri, accusing Israel of continuing its "dirty assassination policy, which gives us the right to respond and to defend ourselves."

Some residents said it was apparently a case of explosives in the house detonating prematurely as Hamas militants worked on a bomb.

Gee, do you think? Has Israel ever denied responsibility? Like say, did they deny that they took out Yassin, or Rantissi? God, is AP stupid, or do you think they just don't want to know?

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas called the explosion "regrettable" ...

Why do you think Abbas thinks it's regrettable that Hamas didn't get to finish making their bomb?