Thursday, September 15, 2005

Peaceful State Watch
Palestinians Torch Synagogues

I've been travelling the past few days, so I wasn't able to keep up with all the news. They were eventful days in the Peaceful State of Palestine, to say the least. For instance, as we know, since Israel left Gaza, the Palestinians have been running amok.

They looted the Greenhouses which Israel had left behind for them to use for commerce purposes (at the expense of Jewish donors living in New York City). Well, there goes the business.

Then, they blew a hole in the Egyptian border.

They dug a tunnel into Egypt for arms smuggling purposes.

And they vowed to destroy Israel.

Then they torched the Synagogues the Jews had left behind when they evacuated:

NYTIMES: "KISSUFIM CROSSING, Gaza Strip, Sept. 12 - Palestinians moved into the former settlement of Neve Dakalim today after Israel ended its 38-year presence in the Gaza Strip, setting fire to the main synagogue and ripping out aluminum window frames and metal ceiling fixtures. The Palestinian flag and the flag of the militant group Hamas flew from the synagogue roof. "

As the Astute Blogger notes:

The Gazans did NOT choose to reclaim or recycle the religious buildings ... OBVIOUSLY, the Gazans could not control their racist hatred, and the Gazan authorities could not control the Gazans. The Gazans torched the EMPTY synagogues and demolished them by HAND by swinging hateful sledge-hammers into concrete columns. This display of UNBRIDLED HATE AND GENOCIDAL DESTRUCTIVENESS reveals EVERYTHING you need to know about the chances Gazans have at establishing the rule of law in their own "space" and about the chances Israel has at peaceful relations with the Gazans.

So, the Jews are gone - there are no Jews left in Gaza - and still the Palestinians are angry.

What could they possibly be angry about?