Friday, September 09, 2005

Say No To "The Crescent of Embrace"

This is the design for the memorial to commemorate the the crash of United Air Lines Flight 93 in Pennsylvania on Sept. 11, 2001. It is entitled "The Crescent of Embrace."

UAL Flight 93 was the flight where American hero Todd Beamer and his fellow heroes stormed the cockpit and took the plane down, saving countless American lives.

We don't need hugs, from a crescent of embrace, or anything else, to commemorate such heroism. We need to celebrate the lives of our brothers and sisters.

The architects who designed the "memorial" actually sound as if they are sincere. But, at best, their sincerity has led them to create a completely inappropriate, and downright offensive design.

The people who were killed on 9/11 were killed in the name of Islam. To erect a "memorial" commemorating those who were murdered which features the symbol of the ideology of the murderers, is akin to erecting a memorial to the Holocaust which features a Swastika.

Let me be clear. I do not think all Muslims are evil, nor is all of Islam evil. However, as I said, the murders of 9/11 were committed in the name of Islam. The last thing we want to remind ourselves of when honoring our dead is the ideology of the those who murdered our brothers and sisters.

I want to vomit when I think of this travesty of a memorial. We can not allow this to happen. Do we really want to allow our civilization to drown itself in Ophelia's tears?

Enough of feeling sorry and sad. We need to be angry. We need to fight for the beautiful civilization we created.

UPDATE: My friend at Always On Watch just emailed me this poem, written by one of her high school students. This kid's thoughts put the the sentimentality of the "adult" memorial to shame:

What Dreams May Come

Early to rise,
Early to bed,
For yearsHistory has repeated itself.

Day and night,
Night and day,
The world keeps turning
Like a needle on a broken record.

Over the years,
the record has a few scratches.
And one scratch is
Enough to stop the music-

On this day a shout came from many people-

People who would get up,
have their coffee,
Read the newspaper,
and go to work,

But this time all eyes are on those who shouted-
This is not a dream.

Those people died.
This is real smoke-
On this day all schooling stopped.
All roads to Washington are closed.

As the families of those who died
Watched in horror as this
News was being repeated
Like a broken record on the television,

All hope was lost.
Nothing ran through their minds
Except that family member,
That empty chair,
The kiss or hug before their spouse,
son, or daughter went to work.

To those who lost someone important to them-
On this day the world stopped.

What of them?
What dreams may come for them?
I pray and hope for comforting dreams,
Dreams of happiness and love.

For the bodies of the lost loved ones may be here,
But their souls are up there,
Walking on the streets of gold
And sitting at the right hand of God.
They will be watching,
And hoping for dreams that are magical.

To those who came to destroy
The freedom of America-
Our freedom cannot be destroyed!
Every time an attempt or an attack is made,

People from all over the world unite
To help fight for freedom
and destroy the system that hates
Everything we are and do.

God is on our side,
And the American dream still lives.

See, the kid gets it. A child is needed to lead us. Although, I must say, I have a feeling this child is more of a man, than the appeasing, sobbing, crying weasels who would think a "crescent of embrace" is an appropriate "memorial."

This kids poem has REALITY in it. It is not sentimental. It talks about the ways things happened, the loss people felt, their prayers for their lost loved ones, the faith they wield.

The "crescent of embrace" is a sentimental, maudlin, syrupy, flight into mystic emotionalism. A society which becomes mystic in it's approach to daily life is a decadent society.

We need to be real. We need to feel the punch in the face of reality. The crunch of our teeth. We need the kick in the gut, to have the wind knocked out of us, so that we are gasping for breath.

Gasping for life itself.

We need to cry out, "We don't want to die. We want to live."

And then, we need to kick some ass.


UPDATE II: You can email the architect who designed this "memorial" at

Please be polite, but please be explicit in your disapproval of his work. Mr. Murdoch seems like he might be a good and sincere person, but what he has created is a travesty.

Here's what I sent:

Mr. Murdoch,
You seem like a good and sincere person who genuninely wanted to create a memorial honoring the dead of UAL 93. However, what you have created is a travesty.

There are many good Muslims who practice a moderate form of Islam. But, the people who were murdered on September 11th, 2001 were murdered in the name of Islam. And the crescent is the symbol of Islam just as surely as the cross is the symbol of Christianity.

To erect a memorial in honor of those murdered which features a crescent, is akin to erecting a memorial to the Crusades which features a cross, or to erecting a memorial to the Holocaust which features a swastika.

Please do everything in your power to see that your creation is not used.


Chistians United Against the New Anti-Semitism

My friend Always on Watch checked in with her email to the people at Paul Murdoch Architects:

Dear Mr. Murdoch,
Using the crescent, the symbol of Islam, is an unacceptable theme for a memorial to Americans who may have saved one of our nation's landmarks. By using the symbol, you are giving tacit support of radical Islam, the ideology which perpetrated the 9/11 attacks.

Furthermore, use of the crescent desecrates the memory of those American patriots who died in the service of this nation.

Two years ago, I personally visited the Shanksville site. I was so moved by the impromptu tributes there! Even the grafitti in the portable toilet honored those patriots aboard Flight 93. This site in Shanksville deserves a better tribute than the symbol you are proposing.

If you persist in using the crescent design, you will have, in effect, placed the equivalent of a swastika at Auschwitz. Would you do such an insensitive thing? Worse, would you so glorify the hate-filled ideology responsible for the slaughter of millions?

Be an American, sir! Do not use the crescent as a theme for the Flight 93 Memorial!

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