Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ted Turner Proclaims Himself
The Center of the Moral Universe

Yesterday, as I was driving across the Arizona desert, I was listening to the Dennis Prager show on the radio and he was playing excerpts from a Wolf Blitzer interview with Ted Turner. The interview was so bizarre you have to wonder if Turner has entered the dementia stage of some undisclosed illness, or something.

The subject was North Korea. Turner said, he doesn't think Kim Jong Il is a bad a guy as everybody makes him out to be. He said, people said similar things about the Soviets, but he looked them in the eye and he knew they were good people.

Wolf Blitzer countered with something like, "Well, North Korea is one of the worst states in the world. Kim Jong Il is an evil man."

Turner replied that he couldn't be sure Kim Jong Il was evil because he hadn't met him. Although, he had seen pictures of him, and he looked just fine by Ted Turner's standards.

So, in other words, Ted Turner is able to make moral judgements about people based upon the way they look at him, which the rest of us are not able to make based upon the facts. Until Ted Turner actually gets to meet Kim Jong Il face to face, all the rest of us are just going to have to wait to find out whether or not he is really a bad guy or not.

I guess we can rest easier that Turner has seen photographs of the Il one, and he looks to be ok. But, you know, I think we had better get Turner on a plane over to NoKo pretty soon here, because as you can see from the post below, Kim Jong Il might be ready to pop.

If anyone finds the video of this bizarre interview, please let me know. I'd love to put up a link.