Saturday, September 03, 2005

Woman Grieves for Her Daughter -
Killed At Elementary School
By Islamofascists in Beslan, Chechneya

We Will Never Forget

As horrifying and evil as the September 11th attacks on America were, there was an almost equally horrifying attack waged in Chechneya one year ago today.

Chechneyan Muslims (with connection to Al Qaeda) stormed an elementary school in Beslan, Chechneya, taking over 1,100 teachers and students hostage. During the ensuing standoff with police, the Jihadis raped young girls, shot teachers, strung the entire school with explosives, and forced children to drink urine.

In the end, the Jihadis went Apocalypse Now on the school, murdering 319 people, 186 of whom were children

In a stunning display of Leftist totalitarianism (rewriting history in the Orwellian sense), Agence French Presse today published an article about the Beslan massacre which doesn't mention the Jihadi nature of the crime even once. In addition, they replace the words "murder" and "massacre" with such innocuous sounding words as "perished" and "disaster."

Here's the whole article. Try to find even one reference to what really happened in Chechneya that day:

BESLAN, Russia (AFP) - Stifling anguished cries, survivors of the Beslan tragedy and relatives of more than 300 dead hostages observed a minute of silence at the ruins of School Number One on the anniversary of the disaster.

Gathering under rain clouds, mourners stood in and around the ruins of the school to observe a minute of silence at 1:05 pm (0905 GMT), the precise moment when Russian rescue forces a year ago launched a chaotic attempt to rescue more than 1,100 hostages.
Only the sound of sobbing interrupted the silence.
Then white balloons were floated into the dark sky, one for each of the 319 hostages who perished, including 186 children, and 12 servicemen. All but one of the 32 gunmen, who had been demanding an end to the war in
Chechnya, were also killed in the battle.
From there, a crowd of about 4,000 mourners went to the cemetery where many of the dead lie in new granite graves. The name of every victim was read out and doves were released to mark the unveiling of a nine-metre (27-foot) bronze monument portraying four mothers in the form of a tree, with angels in the place of leaves.
"It was raining a year ago. It's a sign that God is crying with us," said Viktor Esiyev, who lost his son in the siege.
Across Russia ceremonies were held to commemorate the tragedy, which was a sharp reminder of the instability caused by the decade-old war in Chechnya, and which prompted President
Vladimir Putin to significantly boost his grip on power.
Fierce criticism in Beslan over the conduct of officials and law enforcement during the three-day crisis has also become a major political issue. Putin, who met with a group of Beslan victims on Friday, announced Saturday that the prosecutor general would send a team to investigate claims of major negligence.
In a nationally televised meeting with top ministers in the Kremlin, a sombre looking Putin stood up to lead a moment of silence.
The minute of silence was also observed throughout the North Ossetia province, where Beslan is located, with employees halting work and public transport stopping in its tracks.
In the Pacific port city of Vladivostok, demonstrators donned matching white clothes and released white balloons.
In Moscow, the Nashi youth movement, which is a strong supporter of Putin, organised a demonstration of about 3,000 people next to the Kremlin, with a bell tolling for every one of the Beslan victims and religious music playing from a stage decorated with the slogan: "Words are not enough."
"This shows that the new generation is ready to fight terrorism," said student Vsevolod Igin, 18. "We came to show that terrorism cannot defeat us."
Another 1,000 Nashi supporters gathered in Saint Petersburg.
Church services were held throughout the country and robed Orthodox priests led prayers in the ruins of School Number One itself.
The Beslan tragedy began last year on September 1 when gunmen seized more than 1,100 students, parents and teachers while they celebrated the start to the academic year. It ended on September 3 in a battle so fierce that much of the school was destroyed by fire and blast.
The surviving gunman is on trial in the regional capital Vladikavkaz, but neither his trial, nor an ongoing official investigation, have failed to satisfy survivors that the full truth is being revealed.
Mixed with survivors' tears is anger over what many see as the authorities' failure to act at almost every stage of the crisis -- from allowing a large group of heavily armed militants to reach the school, to the lack of meaningful negotiations, to the chaotic and bloody rescue attempt.
On Friday, the local Beslan Mothers Committee was able after a year of requests to take these concerns to Putin himself. Committee chairwoman Susanna Dudiyeva said the closed-doors meeting in Moscow was "a difficult conversation," but that Putin had promised action.
Putin "promised that we soon will see a real change in the situation, that the truth will be revealed and that the names of the guilty will be named."
However, she added that it was clear that Putin was not aware of many facts. "There was a gap in what we had and what the president had been given," she said. "There were some points that were apparently new to the president or of which he was not fully aware."
In the first concrete evidence that Putin has taken the Beslan mothers' criticism to heart, he ordered the prosecutor general Saturday to send a fact-finding team to Beslan to look into each of their claims.
Putin was quoted by Interfax news agency as saying that he agreed completely with the Beslan residents that "an objective and wide-ranging investigation into such a case will promote root-and-branch improvement to the whole law enforcement system."

As Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs notes, for all we know from this article, these militants may have merely been anti-war protesters who got a little out of hand.

The truth is the Beslan Massacre was one of the most horrific battles to have taken place thus far in the War on Islamofascism.

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