Saturday, September 17, 2005

Yes, We've Been Telling You That For Awhile Now

Palestinian lawmakers are calling for members of the cabinent of Mahmoud Abbas to resign in wake of the anarchy in the streets of Gaza:

Palestinian legislators on Thursday demanded the resignation of the cabinet of Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei, holding it responsible for the ongoing state of anarchy and lawlessness in Palestinian Authority-controlled territories.

"The situation is very dangerous, especially in the Gaza Strip," said Rouhi Fattouh, Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council. "We are demanding that the Palestinian Authority put an end to security chaos and start collecting illegal weapons. The Palestinian leadership isn't doing enough to impose law and order."

Noting that the PA had yet to fulfill its pledge to consolidate the security forces, the report accused Qurei's cabinet of negligence with regards to enforcing law and order. It also stressed the importance of putting an end to the phenomenon of masked gunmen roaming the streets of Palestinian cities and refugee camps.

Legislator Abdel Aziz Shahin held PA Interior Minister Nasser Youssef responsible for the continued anarchy. "There will be no stability until the security chaos ends," he said.

When your schools, your media, and your politicians teach nothing but violence for over thirty years running, then all you will have generations of people who only know how to create violence.